Space Physics

Радиационная обстановка околоземного прострнства

Space physics - the science that studies the electromagnetic and radiation fields in interplanetary space and in the vicinity of the planets, the acceleration and the sources of corpuscular radiation and plasma in space, and the effect of solar radiation on of near space and the physical processes in the planets themselves.
A special place in the scientific program of the Institute occupy study cosmic radiation outside the atmosphere in space. Since the launch of II-satellite (1957), which was established instruments designed under the direction of S. Vernov to study cosmic rays, cosmic radiation research for the Institute are basic.
Instruments, developed and manufactured in the INP were installed and firmly worked on more than 240 artificial satellites and unmanned interplanetary stations on their way to the Moon, Venus and Mars. For more than 40 years of studies of cosmic radiation in the near-Earth and interplanetary space scientists of the Institute managed to get a number of important scientific results in the field of basic science and applied research. Among them - the discovery of the radiation belts (external radiation zone), South Atlantic (Brazil) anomalies in the distribution of trapped particles at low altitudes, the study of the chemical composition of the radiation belts and the ring current ions, responsible for the generation of magnetic storms. Great importance for the development of knowledge about the physics of near space played experimental studies of the dynamics of relativistic particles in the radiation belts. Was discovered and investigated radiation belt energetic ions formed anomalous cosmic rays.
The Institute is currently conducting a pilot study of radiation and cosmic rays in almost the entire area of ​​the near-Earth space: in geostationary orbit (satellite "Express"), on high (cable series "Lightning"), in low orbits (satellite "Meteor", "Coronas -F "and the International Space Station).
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