The KLEM method, computing experiment.

We present the new approach to energy determination of primary
cosmic ray particles KLEM (Kinematic Light Energy Meter), based
on measurement of spatial density of secondary particles,
originated in nuclear interactions in the target and strengthened
by thin convertor layer. The method opens possibility to
construct the relatively light apparatus of large square with
large geometrical factor, that can be exposed on satellites and
can be applied for energy determination of all nuclei in wide
energy range 10^11 - 10^16 eV/particle. The full Monte-Carlo
simulation of method and simulation of detection processes of
secondary particles by microstrip silicon detectors are presented
also. The enough good accuracy of energy determination in
individual case d(lg Emeas/Ereal)~ 0.2-0.25 gives possibility to
reproduce the primary spectra even in the case of existing of any
peculiarities, such as "knee" or "peaks".

Document number: 2001 - 2/642

Authors: P.G.Bashindzhagyan, D.E.Karmanov, N.A.Korotkova, M.I.Panasyuk, D.M. Podorozhnyi, E.B.Postnikov, T.M.Roganova, L.G.Sveshnikova,A.N.Turundaevsky