We have developed a tri-level personal computers-based electron accelerators
control system. Custom smart front-end devices monitor some 20 pulsed parameters while
other parameters are controlled with commercial multi-channel data acquisition cards. We
use a real time Linux operating system and fulfill both hard and soft real time tasks in the
first and second levels. Static optimization and dynamic direct digital methods are used in
the second level to control parameters and assure long-term stabilization. We use a
parametric technology to form the accelerators information model. In the third level we
support a database containing fully described accelerator parameters and operational
rules, man-machine and world interfaces, and implement script technology.

Document number: 2002-17/701

Authors: I.V. Gribov, I.V. Shvedunov, V.R. Yalijan

Email: gribov@depni.npi.msu.su

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