Тhe open-type pulse repetitions UV ionisers have been developed on a basic of various schemes of high-current discharge that intensively emit in spectral range of $\Lambda$ < 130 nm, when operating in lasing media containing such buffer gases as N2, Ar, He. The UV ionizer on a dfsing of combined discharge, where the barrier discharge is used to pre- ionizer on array of discharge gaps and repetition commutating of the short pulse high current discharge, allows to achieve the value of paramer dI/dt > $\10^10$ A/s at aperiodic shape of discharge current pulse and voltage below electric breakdown value. Possibility was demonstrated of photoionazing of lasing media containing low boiling components (NO, NH3, C2H4, O2, F3I, Xe). For an atmospherie pressure CO2 with admixed NH3 the possibility was shown of obtaining of qusi continuouse generation of laser radiation at pulse repetitions rate of the photoionization pulses F > 10 kHz.

Document number: 2004 -16/755

Authors: А.T. Rakhimov, V. B. Saenko


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