QCD Sum Rules for KYN and KY$\Eta$ Coupling Constants

New relations between QCD Borel sum rules for strong coupling constants of K-mesons to baryons are derived. It is shown that starting from the sum rule for the coupling constants $g\pi\Sigma\Sigma$ and g\pi\Sigma\Lambda$ it is straightforward to obtain corresponding sum rules for the gKYN и gKY$\Eta$ couplings, Y=$\Sigma,\Lambda$.

Document number: 2005-10/776

Authors: V.S. Zamiralov, T. Aliev, A.Ozpineci and S.B. Yakovlev. D.V.

Email: zamii@depini.npii.msu.su, talicv@metu.edu.tr, ozpiucd@ba.bifii.it

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