Laser polarization control of autoionization in helium atom.

The resonance coupling of the 2s2p1P and 2s3d1D autoionizing states in the helium atom by a laser field with arbitrary polarization is studied in the framework of the non- Hermitian effective Hamiltonian approach. We provide the analytical expression for the photoionization cross section of the ground state by the VUV probe radiation with arbitrary polarization in the vicinity of the 2s2p1P state. The calculations demonstrate strong changes in the resonance structure of the cross section with variation of the
probe and laser polarizations. The effect is caused by the interference of different
transitions between the laser-coupled manifold of magnetic sublevels.

Document number: 2005-12/778

Authors: E. V. Gryzlova, A. I. Magunov, I. Rotter, S. I. Strakhova.


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