Study of inelastic electroproduction of J/psi mesons at HERA collider in the semihard approach of QCD

In this paper theoretical calculations in the framework of the semihard (fcr-factorisation) approach are compared to the latest experimental results by the ZEUS Collaboration on the inelastic electroproduction of J/psi mesons, measured in the kinematic region 2 < Q^2 < 80ГэВ^2, 50 < W < 250ГэВ, 0.2 < z < 0.9, -1.6 < у_{psi lab}< 1.3 at HERA collider, and the dependence of the calculations on the two widely used unintegrated gluon densities is studied.

Document number: 2005 - 18/784

Authors: N. P. Zotov, I. I. Katkov, A. V. Lipatov


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