Further study of narrow baryon resonance decaying into pK^0 in pA-interactions at 70 GeV/c with SVD-2 setup

The inclusive reaction pA→pK^0_s
s+X was studied at IHEP accelerator with 70 GeV/c
proton beam using SVD-2 detector. Two different samples of K^0_s
s, statistically
independent and belonging to different phase space regions were used in the
analyses and a narrow baryon resonance with the mass M=1523 +2(stat.)+
3(syst.) MeV/c^2 was observed in both samples of the data. The statistical
significance was estimated to be of 8.0 σ (392 signal over 1990 background
events). Using the part of events reconstructed with better accuracy the
width of resonance was estimated to be &#915; < 14 MeV/c^2 at 95 C.L.

Document number: 2005-22/788

Authors: SVD Collaboration

Email: Contact person: A. Kubarovsky, e-mail: alex_k@hep.sinp.msu.ru

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