The statical and dynamical properties of hadrons in the SNS model. The termodynamical featurses of hadronic cross sections. Part 1

The soft-nucleon-structure (SNS) model is developed to describe
the soft processes by taking into account the internal motion of quarks.
Model reproduces the statical characteristics of nucleons and basic
characteristics of the elastic ep- and pp-scattering, inelastic ep- and
difffractive pp-interactions. Model describes also the energy dependence
of the cross sections of gamma-p- and pp-scattering and predicts their
differences from Regge-pole predictions already at LHC energies. The
cross sections reach their peak values at s~ 10 GeV.

Document number: 2005-25/791

Authors: E.M.Leikin, N.P.Novokshanov


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