On account of the Coulomb interaction during pairs creation in strong electric field

In the framework of the Dirac model of vacuum considered the creation of e^+e^- pairs in a constant and uniform electric field with allowance
Coulomb interaction between e^+ and e^-. The transmission coefficient via the energy gap deformed by external field and the electric fields of
particles is calculated in the semiclassical approximation. The Sauter
exponential factor is modified by the exactly calculated function G(y)
accounting Coulomb interaction of particles and changes in the shape of
the potential barrier. When y<1 the values of G(y) exceeds unity, testifying the suppression of pair production in comparison with the predictions of Schwinger [1] and Ritus [2]. With further increase in the field strength, 1

Document number: 2009-9/853

Authors: B.B. Levchenko

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