Major results on the studies of nucleon resonance (N*) structure from the CLAS data on
charged double pion electroproduction, obtained in collaboration between Jefferson Lab
and SINP at MSU are presented and discussed. Analysis of the CLAS data within the
framework of developed phenomenological approach JM allowed us to obtain preliminary
and final results on electrocouplings for almost all excited proton states with masses less
than 1.8 GeV in a wide area of photon virtualities from 0.25 to 1.5 GeV^2. Consistent results
on gamma_vNN* electrocouplings of low lying N*'s determined from analyses of Npi and Npipi
electroproduction offer compelling evidence for reliable electrocoupling measure.
Extension of Npipi data analysis toward higher photon virtualities up to 5.0 GeV^2 is in
progress. New prospects for N* studies with CLAS12 detector at 11 GeV electron beam
that will be available after completion of "JLAB 12 GeV Upgrade" Project, are outlined.

Document number: 2009-11/855

Authors: V. D. Burkert, V. I. Mokeev


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