The information as means of the description of a reality

In the present work the information separates from such concepts similar to it, as the data and knowledge; the carrier of the data and information considers a signal. It is considered, than signals and their states in the real world differ from concept of a signal and a state of the classical theory. It is shown that sources of divergences are connected with manipulation in a classical signal with infinitesimal and infinitely big values in the style peculiar to the classical mathematical analysis. As consequence, the classical signal potentially possesses three times infinite information capacity, therefore actually a great bulk of its points are "empty" with information. In a real signal the quantity of the information is final essentially because of presence of threshold and limit information restrictions. It is discussed, as the threshold and a limit can form a physical basis of formation of hierarchies.

Document number: 2010-6/863

Authors: S.G.Basiladze


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