Laboratory of space data receive

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Phone: +7 495 939 23 89

Address: Корпус высоких энергий, 4-25


laboratory of space data receive

The Laboratory of space data receive (LSDR) was organized in 2005. It is headed by Vladimir Shakhparonov.

The Laboratory is specialized in the development of the methods for receiving and processing of telemetry information from an orbit. Techlogically it is based on an antenna post which is able to receive data from the small spacecrafts. The scientists of the Laboratory have participated in the receiving and processing of experimental data from sceintific and educational micro-satellites "Universitetsky-Tatiana" and "Universitetsky-Tatiana-2".

The objective of these experiments was to study transient luminuous phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere caused by galactic and solar cosmic rays and high-energy particles in the auroral and equatorial areas, solar activity monitoring and studies of ionosphere and upper atmosphere dynamics.