An Active Processes in the Solar Atmosphere

In the present preprint it is made an attempt to consider in detail the three main parts of the solar atmosphere: photosphere, chromosphere and corona; and describe active processes which take place in these regions. All descriptions of dynamical phenomena observed in the Sun are followed by the photos obtained in the different spectral lines including newest photos from SOHO spacecraft. The aim of these preprint is to aquaint students, graduate students and scientists who are interested in heliophysics with the main active processes and phenomena which occur in the solar atmosphere. These processes form the heliosphere at whole and determine the conditions in the interplanetary space and in the Earth s magnetosphere. The present preprint is the first part of the preprint series devoted to the physics of the interplanetary space, effects of solar and galactic cosmic ray modulation in the interplanetary space and to the models described these processes.

Document number: 2001-14/654

Authors: E.E. Grigorenko, G.P. Lyubimov