The investigation of processes determinated the efficiency of large aperture VUF source initiated by microdischarge matrix.

The experimental and theoretical results on study of processes of generation of a vacuum ultraviolet
radiation (VUV) with usage of a matrix of microdischarges are introduced in this article. The
original construction of multislit electrode structure is proposed. It is based on a combined discharge
construction, at which one the high-current discharge of short duration is induced by a barrier
discharge. The theoretical model of a designed VUV source of radiating is created. The numerical
methods investigate dependences of power performance of a considered source VUV from
magnitude of a reduced electrical field in plasma, working mixture gases pressure and its composition.
It’s tendered evidence that suggested methods of a discharge is suitable for creation of UV
lamps with counting rate about $\10^18$ photon / $\см^2$ with high power performance.

Document number: 2002 -16/700

Authors: S.G.Dambrauskas, V.V.Ivanov, K.S.Klopovsky, E.A.Krylova, T.V.Rakhimova, V.B.Saenko


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