Аналитический расчет модифицированной кривой Брэгга

We compared opportunities and results of spread-out Bragg peak estimation using analytical
methods. Convolution method is convenient for obtaining depth-dose distribution for protons
with widened flat peak. The other analytical method is concerned with direct solving of
inverse problem of dosimetry planning. 1st type Volterra integral equation solution processes
a solution for a dose maximum peak of any given shape. Proposed is a method of taking into
consideration of biological effectiveness.
Supported by the Grant НШ-1619.2003.2 from the President of the Russian Federation.

Номер документа: 2003-16/729

Авторы: Д.В.Лосев, М.Ф. Ломанов, А.П. Черняев

Email: dvlosev@pisem.net

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